Welcome to Lemonanza Urban Survival

Hello World, welcome to Lemonanza Urban Survival, we're very excited for you to discover Lemonanza Urban Survival, need to learn more read on.

It all started one hot, balmy Sydney summers day, cool thirst quenching lemonade was needed. The challenge was on, from grandma's recipe, and a few little extras a batch was made, it was delicious, full of flavour, zest and zing!. The lemonade had to have a name, out popped Lemonanza. It's a name we love, representing all things vital, healthy, and zestful.

Today Lemonanza has evolved into Lemonanza Urban Survival, the go-to online shopping destination for healthy indoor environments, eclectic gifts, and carefully curated selection of lifestyle, and life enhancing essentials. We hope you enjoy shopping with us, we would also love to receive feedback about new products and any ideas that you might have.


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  • Posted Nigel Henming

    Love it!

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