Do I Really Need To Turn Off My Air Purifier At Night?

I'll admit that I used to think that turning off my air purifier when I was gone or asleep wasn't a big deal.

Saving money on electricity made me feel like I was the ultimate energy saver. What harm would there be to the air quality of my home when I wasn't there?

That's when I realized the benefits I would have by leaving my air purifier on at night, especially if you struggle with allergies or asthma like me. So here I am to share these benefits with you and spread the word about air purifiers.

Before you turn off your air purifier when you sleep, I want you to think about these points.

I turned off my air purifier. What happens now?
There is a world full of pollutants out there. When you turn your air purifier off, you risk letting those harmful particles back in.

You change the air in your home every time you do something like turn on the stove, open packages, touch clothes, etc.

If you have pets, they are also primarily responsible for spreading hair in the air.

Furthermore, every time you enter your house, open the window, receive a guest outdoor pollutants enter your home. A good air purifier can reduce the amount of pollutants in your home.

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What about when I'm sleeping? Can I turn off the air purifier?
The quality of your sleep is crucial to your health. When you sleep with clean air and put a great air purifier running throughout the night, you increase the air quality and reduce the chances of inhaling dust or even worsening an allergy and asthma symptoms.

If you can only choose one place in your home to let an air purifier, the most important area would be your bedroom. Protect your family and friends, find out more about Lemonanza Portable Environmental Air Disinfectant and Air Purifier.

But isn't it too expensive to leave the air purifier on when I sleep?
There's a simple formula to calculate how much it will cost to run your purifier 24/7 for a year:

  • Your energy company charges you based on the amount of kW hours (kilowatt-hour) you used.
  • For each device that uses 100 watts per hour, you'll need to run for 10 hours to increase your bill by 1 kW unit.
  • On average, an air purifier uses .05 kW of electricity per hour. To increase your bill by 1 kW hour, you need to use your air purifier for 20 hours.

  • The average cost of electricity in Australia in 2021 is 34.41 cents per kilowatt-hour.

  • If you times the average purifier kW per hour (.05) by the number of hours per day (24h) by the cost per kW (34.41 cents) in Australia, you have the price of how much will be charged per day to use your air purifier 24h.

  • Now, you only need to calculate the number of days in the year (365).

I'm sure it won't be a fortune, and you'll be pretty cheap compared to all the benefits you can gain by sleeping with the air purifier turned on.

The best conclusion you can have right now is to start leaving your air purifier on when you sleep today! Then come here and let us know in the comments below the changes in your sleep quality.

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