Asthma Week 2021 - Campaign “Air Nutrition”, you are what you breathe!

It’s time to think differently about what we’re breathing in!

Did you know that 1 in 9 Australians (2.7 million) have asthma? That’s a good reason to think twice about our air quality.

That’s why Asthma Australia has joined forces with Lemonanza and other key players in respiratory, health and climate to promote Asthma Week (1-7 September), and present the new campaign ‘Air Nutrition’ – you are what you breathe.

Together, we want to educate and encourage Aussies like us to start caring about the air we breathe as much as the food we eat.

What is good Air Nutrition?
Good air nutrition is linked to better health and a lower risk of getting unwell, especially if you have asthma.

Improving your Air Nutrition reduces the amount of air pollution you breathe in – at home, in your community and our natural environment.

Air pollution comes in many forms, and it is unhealthy for everyone. Over time, breathing it in leads to an increased risk of poor health, including asthma, stroke, heart and lung diseases, and cancer.

Understanding what causes air pollution, the forms it takes and how to avoid it is a key part of staying healthy with good Air Nutrition.

Air quality in Australia
We may consider ourselves to have clean and healthy air in Australia, but this is not always the case.

Many people may be shocked, but in 2015, air pollution was attributed to over 2,500 deaths (1.6% of all deaths) in Australia.

Exposure to pollution can have a health impact both daily and over time.

Consistent exposure can develop severe long-term conditions like asthma, heart disease, lung conditions, stroke, and cancer.

That’s why reducing daily exposure can have immediate and lifelong benefits for all of us.

Remember – you are what you breathe!

Air Nutrition Tips

  • When exercising outside, avoid busy or main roads to reduce breathing in car and truck exhaust, a harmful pollutant to your lungs. Find green spaces, back streets or places less travelled. When air quality is poor, exercise indoors.
  • At school time, protect kids from breathing in harmful levels of car exhaust. Park your car and walk to the gate, or ride a bike to collect your children. Avoid car idling where possible.
  • Make sure you’re breathing healthy air when indoors. Harmful air pollution is caused by gas cooktops, chemicals and woodfire smoke.

Learn more about Asthma Week & Air Nutrition tips -

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